Getting Started

Getting Access

In order to begin creating requests via the ModernTax API you will be required to grab your API Key. You can start by creating an account and heading over to the API Key tab.

Creating your first request

There are two primary ways of creating a tax form request in order to receive tax transcripts for a business.
  1. 1.
    Upload CSV file with business information
  2. 2.
    Creating individual/bulk requests via API

Example of creating a request via CSV upload

To start creating requests via a CSV upload you will want to download our blank CSV template.
Download blank CSV template
After downloading the template populate the CSV with desired businesses to request. New accounts are automatically enrolled into a free trial with 2 free requests. After populating the fields with the desired businesses you can now select your file and upload it.
Uploading the file will automatically create new requests under your account and you should be able to see all your requests within the Requeststab

To learn how to create a request through the ModernTax API visit the API section to learn more.

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